​ We will only be taking a maximum of 2 hr bus runs, we will also only be operating within the city limits of Aberdeen SD. If you purchased gift cards they may still be used in the future. 

We are excited to announce our new division in the coming months. Stay tuned for that announcement. The site will be updated periodically until the announcement. 

Party Bus Rental

Site Description Tutorial

1. The "Our Buses" tab has pictures and information on the buses. 

2. After you have chosen what will work best for you the "Purchase Agreement" tab has a link to download the contract by clicking the "Download Contract" button. In most PDF readers there will be an additional step to download the contract. If you have questions please call, we would be glad to help! (605-725-1145)

3. Please read through the rules and regulations and fill out the contract in its entirety. 

**Note** Please be sure to add your credit card information even if you are choosing another method of payment. The contract must be completely filled out and sent in to the address below along with the 200.00 down payment unless you are only booking an hour. Then the one hour price will be the down payment.

4. After filling out the contract please send the $200.00 down payment with the contract. ( or full payment if you wish - to be safe).  Please keep in mind that we require that full payment be made 14 days prior to your event to make sure things run smoothly.

Payment can be sent to:

Bacon Enterprises

 1212 S. 1st St. 

Aberdeen SD 57401.

5. The driver will contact you 2 to 3 days before your event for confirmation.

6. We accept checks, cash, or card. Keep in mind that using your card will accrue an additional 4% service fee.